Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Heart of Modesty: January 2015

Hurray, we started a new set titled "Daughters of the King"!  Our first lesson was on the importance of modesty and we specifically looked at where modesty starts--in the heart.

A Heart of Modesty: Lesson
A Heart of Modesty: Worksheet

Enjoy the snap shots from the meeting! Below are pictures from our "Fashion Show". Each girl dressed up as someone and then the moms had to guess who they were. :) It was a good illustration of how what we wear shows who we are.


Business Woman





We also had a super fun Clothes Swap. I think everyone found a new treasure or two. :)


Modesty is a lifestyle that encompasses how one dresses, behaves, and even speaks. Pursuing modesty is really about having our “outside” not distract from our “inside.” The goal is for our character and testimony of faith to shine brighter than anything we might put on.”

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